Let's Talk LASHES!


Did you know that this simple yet easy beauty tip could take your glam fit to the next level? Yes girl LASHES are the perfect addition to take your outfit to the next level. Now there are levels to this. No I really mean it there are levels to this literally! There are 3 categories of lashes- NATURAL, in between we like to call those FLIRTY and all out full on GLAM lashes. Depending on what type of look you are going for will determine what type of lash you need to wear. This may be a bit confusing to you especially if you are a beginner. Don’t worry girl, Glamcode has you covered! We will show you examples of lashes in each category.



NATURAL - We recommend natural lashes for beginners. If you have never worn lashes before you want to start here. The lashes are just long enough to make your eyes stand out without bringing too much attention to them. Natural lashes often give the appearance of your real lashes with mascara added to them.


FLIRTY- The lashes in this category are just a notch up from your basic natural lash.  The flirty category is for the girl who's ready to take it up a level without it being too over the top. Flirty lashes are perfect for a night out on the town with your girls or significant other. They add just the right amount of pop to keep them out of the basic category. Once you are comfortable wearing lashes, this is the natural progression to move up slowly. Remember girl, there are levels to this .



Take your Flirty Lashes up a notch by pairing it with a bold RED LIP! Perfect addition to a date night look! 


FULL ON GLAM -These are a must have if your want to show up at your next event! GLAM lashes are full, gorgeous and dramatic making a bold statement that is still very sexy and tasteful. Once you are comfortable with the  Flirty lashes, we recommend you graduate to the GLAM lashes! Glam lashes are perfect for special occasions such as a wedding, black tie affair or any other major event such as a milestone birthday.

Now that we are done with our lash 101 lesson let's  get ready to SLAY Dolls!!!