Image in the body of Christ has been such a controversial topic. For years, what we should and should not wear has been painted by the image of long skirts, loose fitting clothing, no makeup, cover everything up and basically calling it modesty. I remember as a young Christian and before becoming what my husband and I call "Saved For Real", I didn't see many Christian women that look like me, as a result I wasn't exactly running to the alter to repent of my sins and make Jesus the Lord of my life. I thought once I get saved, it will be later on in life after I'm Married and settled; ok let me be honest, when life will be boring and I'm done living THEN I'll get saved. The more I thought about it the more and more the images of the above attire registered in my mind and I wanted no parts of it.

Then God gave me the vision for Glamcode Boutique- with the mission to crack the code on religion ladies, so all you have to do is wake pray and of course SLAY. We are here to set you free from religion so you can worship, serve and build a true authentic relationship with God. We are here to show the world that Christians are fly too. Go ahead and look around, we pray you find pieces that capture your femininity from its core. You know those things we grab out of our closet, slide on and say YAASSS! We are firm BELIEVERS that once the inside is taken care of, your exterior will flourish.

Welcome to Glamcode where all things fabulous exist. You have been charged to go SLAY for the Kingdom!!! Make sure to tag us rocking your new pieces at #chargeaccepted#lacedinglamcode