Private Syling

Every girl deserves her very own Glam Team! If you are interested in our private styling services where we deliver celebrity star treatment directly to your front door for a fraction of the cost email us!  We would love to pamper you for your next event! Email include in the subject line "Glam Appointment" Check out our reviews below on the GLAM private styling experience!




-Mommy to be Makeover SLAY

"The glam team most definitely came through with this one for my baby shower. This style left me feeling FABULOUS & it lasted up to 5 weeks after my big day. I loved how quick it was and the fact that it protected my natural hair (not to mention my edges were LAID) Ladies, if you’re looking for something CUTE & Quick i would most definitely recommend this style !!!"

~L. McQueen

-Mommy on the Go SLAY

Thanks GLAMCODE!!!

"I just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I love the service that Glam Code Boutique provided. It took the stress off of me of having to worrying about rushing to a salon after working all day then going to my son’s game. The convenience of you coming to me was top notch. Your service was EXCELLENT all across the board and I LOVE my hair. I got so many compliments on it today. You have gained a repeat customer. I look forward to doing more business with you. From clothes to my haircare needs. *Hugs*"

~N. Uhuru

-Special Occasion SLAY

"I ABSOLUTELY LOVED my glam appointment!!! Glamcode saved me this week in a major way!!! My hubby was competing in a bodybuilding show this past weekend and I needed something to wear and fast. I’m a busy mom and an entrepreneur and really didn’t have time to go shopping for the perfect clothes. I called Falon and told her I really needed some help and asked what she had in stock to help me look fly. I tried to go to the mall on my lunch break but she she said...” i promise I got you” I put my car in reverse and went back to work. When my clothes arrived I was soooo excited. She went wayyyyyyy beyond my expectation and styled me from head to toe. The Glamcode team did my makeup, accessories, shoes, EVERYTHING for the perfect look for my husband’s big night. I felt so confident and most of all he was so happy and stunned at how good I looked."

~R. Mountain

-Anniversary SLAY

"I had the pleasure of using Glam Code recently for an important event my husband and I were attending. I didn't know it at the time but my husband also made plans for us celebrate our anniversary which was the same weekend. I had recently purchased some peices from the new line and since I planned on wearing one of them I thought it would be a good idea to have Falon help me complete my look. I was blown away by the professionalism and attention to detail by Falon and her makeup artist. As they worked on making me up and dressing me we had a the best time! It was such a great experience!When they were done and I saw myself I thought wow! Who is this woman! I was totally feeling myself! The stage was definitely set! I was serving the sexy, not the cute, the sexy! When my husband saw me his face was priceless! I had his complete and undivided attention all night long! I've decided ill be serving sexy more often! Ladies you have to try this service its about so much more than clothes and makeup! Thanks Glam Code!"

~D. Moore

-Bridal Shower SLAY

The Glam Team Rocks!!!

"Thank you is just not enough!!! When I tell you the GLAM TEAM came in and SAVED THE DAY! THEY SAVED THE DAY! I had scheduled my hair appointment with a stylist I use occasionally and when there was a mix-up and the stylist CUT an absolute FOOL on me I had NO idea what I was going to do considering we were only three days away from my bridal shower. When I thought I was DOOMED! Falon and her team stepped in and did a PHENOMENAL job on my hair! They truly exceeded my expectations. Thanks to them I was able to SLAY from head to toe at my bridal shower! #GLAM TEAM DOES IT AGAIN!"

~J. Lawerence